Wine Shop

Founded in 1998 by Nick and Kathy Mobilia, Arrowhead Winery has been producing internationally recognized award-winning wines in Northeast, PA using the finest European, native and hybrid grapes available. Since we began our partnership in 2001, the Wine Shop has expanded multiple times and now boasts a variety of unique wine accessories and gifts. Apple-based hard cider by the bottle made its debut in 2016, and promises to be a popular addition to the delicious offerings already available. Watch for seasonal additions and specials throughout the year.


Stop in to grab a bottle of our popular Green Apple Wine for St. Patrick’s Day!

Red Wine

Dry, mellow, yet peppery and spicy.  Hints of blackberries, raspberries and oak.

Spicy with flavors of black cherry and raspberries.  Similar to Merlot.

A semi-dry red wine with strong fruit flavors with pepper on the finish.  Serve chilled or at room temperature.

Sweet and fruity, made from 100% Fredonia grapes

Very grape-y, tastes similar to freshly pressed grape juice

Medium bodied, ruby styled.  Excellent with strong cheese or dessert

This blend offers a full body from the Cabernet Franc and the intense long Raspberry finish.

Midnight Proposal
A perfect marriage of our Blackberry and Diamond wines.

Cabernet Franc
Hints of French oak, green pepper and strawberry

Un-oaked, smooth, low tannins.

White Wine

Rich and creamy with intense flavors of tropical fruit and citrus.

Reflections of Lake Erie
Blend of Vidal and Riesling, floral aromas finishing with honey and apricot

Cool fermented to protect the delicate aromas that are produced growing Riesling in a cool climate.  Aromas include apricots, nectarines and honey.

Similar to Niagara with milder grape flavors and hints of pineapple and other tropical fruits.

A light, fruity and aromatic wine made to be enjoyed anytime.  Has a hint of carbonation.

A native variety with intense grape flavors

Gruner Veltliner
Pear attributes with a floral nose

Hints of honey, apricot and mango with an intense floral aroma

Chenin Blanc
Hints of apple, pear, pineapple and honey

Sweet Sophia
Hints of grapefruit and peach with a light, fruity finish

Blush Wine


Pink Catawba
Fermented in stainless steel tanks.  This sweet wine has strong grape flavors balanced by high acid and grapefruit overtones.

Buffalo Blush
Clean, refreshing and fruity

Sweetheart Blush
Imagine Hawaiian Punch with alcohol

Sassy Sangria
Ready to drink right out of the bottle or with your favorite fresh fruits

Specialty Wines

Dazzling Niagara
A carbonated version of our Niagara wine.

Vidal Ice Wine
A true ice wine picked and pressed frozen.  Fermentation is halted resulting in all-natural residual sweetness.

100% Fruit Wines

Sweet and fruity.  A clean blend Soergel apples and a great compliment to pork dishes.

Apple Spice
Made from pure apple cider blended with pie spices to create a delicious wine best served warm.

Sweet fruit wine made with 100% fresh blackberries

Deep-hued, richly flavored wine made with local blueberries

Red Raspberry (seasonal)
Sweet fruit wine that tastes like red raspberry jam made from 100% red raspberries

Strawberry (seasonal)

Elderberry (seasonal)

Cranberry (seasonal)
Offered seasonally in the late fall and holiday months.  Fermentation is stopped early to maintain the fresh Cranberry taste.  Offers a unique balance between sweet and tart.

Fruit Juices

Concord Grape

Diamond Grape

Steuben Grape