Home Decor

You never know exactly what you might find in our Home Accents center, but you do know it will be a unique, beautiful, top quality, piece of home decor. Our talented staff works hard to search for the finest and most unique items from all over the world. This includes silks, pictures, furniture, light fixtures, wall hangings, artisan crafts, place settings, and so much more!

Whether you are looking for a new centerpiece for the dinner table, seasonal place settings, the lights to go over the table (or even the table itself) there is something in Home Accents for every home.


Christmas items are all currently 50% OFF in Home Accents and the Garden Center, and on Jan. 4, 2019, they will be 75% OFF! We still have plenty of holiday treasures including ornaments and ribbon, so be sure to stop in, and find some great deals.! Don’t forget every snowman needs a good home 😉