Soergel's Essentials

Pick your own dinner’s for Friday’s Essentials Kit!

June 2nd Build Your Own Essential Box!

Everyone Receives:

A Fruit Bundle

(Please be aware that due to supply issues, some items may be substituted. Thank you for your understanding)


3lb Bag of Apples





Vegetable Bundle

(Please be aware that due to supply issues, some items may be substituted. Thank you for your understanding)





Bell Peppers



 Pickle-Brined Breaded Chicken Sandwiches

 -Pickle-brined Breaded Chicken Breasts (4) -Pretzel Buns (4) -Mayo/BBQ/Honey Mustard Combo Sauce -Pickle Slices -Fries

Philly Cheesesteak Kit

-1.5# Raw Philly Cheese Steak Sirloin Meat -1/2# White American Cheese -Mancini’s Hoagie Rolls -Sweet Bell Peppers -Onions -Potato Chips

Springtime Salmon Dinner Kit

-Salmon Filets (4) -Lemons (2) -Capers -Rosemary -Marsala Wine -Aluminum Foil Sheets -1# Rice -Asparagus

*Limited Availability* Chicken Tikka Masala Dinner

Featuring Spices from local company, Anar Gourmet

*Note- There is a $5 upcharge for this premium dinner kit. Recipe from our friends at Anar Gourmet Foods is included: -Approx. 2.5# Amish Chicken Breast -Plain Yogurt -Lemon -Jalapeno -Tomato Sauce -Heavy Whipping Cream -Seasoning Packet -1# Rice

Teriyaki Shrimp & Rice Bowl

-1# Wholey’s Shrimp -1# Rice -Sweet Peas/Edamame -Baby Carrots -Green Onions -Broccoli -Teriyaki Sauce -Vegetable Egg Rolls (4)

*New* Cheesy Beef Taco Skillet Meal

-2# Ground Beef -Bell Peppers (2) -Green onions -Taco Seasoning -Diced Tomatoes -Black Beans -Shredded Cheese -Tortilla Chips

*New* Chicken Caprese Gnocchi Salad

-Approx. 1.25# Amish Chicken Breast -1# Gnocchi -8oz. Fresh Mozzarella -Grape Tomatoes -Basil -Balsamic Dressing -Cucumber -Bell Pepper -Red Onion -Mancini’s Italian Bread

*New* Gourmet Grilled Cheese

-Mancini’s Italian Bread -1# Smoked Cheddar Cheese -1# Bacon -Tomato -Apples -Potato Chips

Cheeseburger Meatloaf

-2# Beef/Pork Mix -1/2# Bacon -Onion -Shredded Cheese -Ketchup/Mustard -Pickle Slices -Fries

Sweet & Sour Meatballs

-1.5# Fully-Cooked Meatballs -Sweet & Sour Sauce -Egg Noodles -Bell Peppers -Onion -Mancini’s Italian Bread

Fish Tacos

-4 Filets of Potato/Parmesan Breaded Cod -Flour Tortilla Shells -Cilantro -Lime -Guacamole -Tortilla Chips

  Pick up is June 2nd between 2-4pm

Cost: $125

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