Strawberry Festival 2024

Don’t forget that our Strawberry Festival is scheduled for June 1st from 4-8 p.m. Here are some things you may be wondering:
1. How much is it? You must purchase a container before entering our strawberry field. Pints are $5 and quarts are $7.50. We will accept cash and card at the field and we ask that you do not bring your own container.
2. What else can we do? You can play in Tiny Town, visit our farm animals, shop in our stores, visit Arsenal Cider (over 21), enjoy fresh strawberry desserts on our porch, grab a bite to eat from our Food Barn, listen to live music, and enjoy a night on the farm!
3. Will you have an other pick-your-own days? It’s hard to say….we love having you here to pick, but once the berries are picked, they are done. If we get a large crowd and everyone picks all the strawberries, then we will be done for the season. If not, then we will try to host a few more PYO (pick-your-own) days.
4. How do I find out about PYO days? Stay tuned on our website, our email list and social media. That’s the best place to find information.
5. Are your strawberries organic? We farm using IPM farming methods which means we prioritize sustainability and agricultural responsibility. If you don’t know much about IPM farming, check out our statement on our website!
See you at the farm!