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This 1hr – 1.5hr wild bird feeding seminar will cover the most common bird food and feeder types, as well as which backyard birds can be attracted to your feeders. Our seed feeding discussion will cover all the different Aspen Song branded wild bird feed blends and the ingredients that are used in each of the blends, making each a unique choice based on which types of birds a consumer is interested in attracting. We will also talk about hummingbird feeding using the Sweet-Nectar branded hummingbird nectar, how to attract hummingbirds, and appropriate feeder placement during the summer months. While this seminar is focused on the Aspen Song wild bird food and Sweet Nectar branded hummingbird nectar, the knowledge about seed, nectar, and feeder preferences of common backyard birds can be applied to any brand and any backyard!

About the presenter:

Josh Stasik holds a B.S. in Biology and is currently the President of the Wild Bird Feeding Institute’s (WBFI) Research Foundation. He is a past member of the Montezuma Audubon Center’s Advisory Board. Josh has been feeding his backyard birds since childhood and has worked in the wild bird food industry for the past decade. Taking the approach of “never working a day in your life if you love what you do,” he partnered with a few of his friends to create a small “micro-batch” bird food company called Sweet-Seed, LLC. Sweet-Seed initially created wild bird food blends that sold at local gift shops and markets, but has since switched focus to concentrate primarily on a unique, all-natural, hummingbird food, branded as Sweet-Nectar.

It was through the connections made selling Sweet-Nectar that Josh became acquainted with the Aspen Song brand of wild bird food and moved into the wild bird director position for the brand. As the key contact for all sales and marketing initiatives, Josh is now able to travel throughout the Northeastern territory of the US not only sharing his knowledge, but also learning from other bird enthusiasts he meets along the way.

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